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New Life Counseling is beginning to once again offer in-office appointments.  New Life Counseling is determined to make our environment as safe as possible for our clients and our staff and will be implementing the following guidelines for all face to face appointments. 

The CDC has recommended that we use a text-to-come-in policy to maximize social distance and safety. When you arrive for your appointment, please text us from your vehicle to 330.597.0066 or call us at 330.343.6600 and let us know you're here. When your clinician is ready, we will either call or text you to come into the building. To enter the building you will be required to wear some type of a face covering/mask.  Upon entering the building, you will need to adhere to our 6 ft guidelines by following the markers on the floor.  You will proceed to the front desk where a member of our staff will take your temperature and you will need to be able to pass the following symptom checklist in order to have a face to face appointment:

  • Do you currently have any symptoms of COVID 19:  Fever or Chills, Cough, Shortness of Breath, Headache, Fatigue, Sore Throat, Loss of Taste or Smell

  • Have you or anyone in your household been diagnosed with COVID 19 within the last 30 days?

  • Have you or anyone in your household been exposed to anyone with a positive COVID 19 test within the last 30 days?

If you register an elevated temperature or answer yes to any of the above questions, you will be asked to return to your vehicle and given the option of having a telehealth session from your vehicle with your therapist.  

If you do not have a temperature and answer no to the above questions, you will be greeted at the door by your counselor who will then lead you to their office for your appointment.

For your and everyone’s safety, we will be attempting to maintain a contactless process while you are in the office.  To that end, for session payments, we will be asking each client to place a credit or debit card on file that we will run at the conclusion of your appointment. Your card will be run for any co-payment or deductible amount that is due for that session. If you have previously established a credit card on file with us, we will just charge your regular co-pay to that card as previously agreed. If you do not have a credit or debit card, we will still accept payments by check.  You will need to notify us of your intention to pay via check prior to your appointment so that we can tell you the proper amount due for your session.  We will ask that you have your check pre-written prior to the appointment in order to minimize the time spent at our front desk.  

We are minimizing the number of people in our building and restricting appointments to no more than 2 people (if absolutely necessary) in the clinicians’ office at a time.  We are requesting that individual clients come alone to their appointments.  If you need someone to bring you to an appointment we will ask that they either drop you off and return to pick you up or that they remain in their vehicle to wait for you until you have finished with your appointment.  If you are a couple or are the parent of a child attending an appointment, we will be strictly adhering to no more than two people in the clinicians’ office at a time.  Please make sure that you arrange appropriate child care for other family members.  

Rescheduling of appointments should be handled directly through your counselor or over the phone.  We will not be allowing individuals to return to our waiting room to schedule appointments. 

Due to the challenges and the time spent on disinfecting procedures, we will not be offering the use of public restrooms.  We have also discontinued our practice of offering beverages while you are in our office.  We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. 

We thank you in advance for your diligence in helping us carry out our mission to serve you and others in our community as safely as possible.  We look forward to seeing you!


Ryan Dunn, Clinical Director, New Life Counseling

Update posted 6/30/2020.

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