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Our Services

Depression, Anxiety, & Stress

We provide effective, research-based treatments for these common, painful, difficult problems.

Child & Adolescent Behavior Issues

We provide training and help with parenting challenges that can come with family changes, "phases," or strong-willed children.

Marriage & Family Problems

Building a strong marriage and family is one of the hardest jobs in life. We provide therapy to help resolve conflict, increase communication, and bring families closer.

Substance Abuse

We provide effective, research-based treatments to help break addictive habits to help you spend your life doing the things you truly desire.

Trauma & Anger Management

Survivors of abuse, assault, or other traumas can experience long-lasting anxiety, painful memories, depression, low self-esteem, and other problems affecting their lives and relationships. We provided specialized effective treatments to help people overcome these problems.

Adults, Teenagers, & Children

People of different ages react differently to problems and need different treatments. We provide age-appropriate assessment and treatments to help you or your child reach your goals.

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity (ADHD & ADD)

We provide a thorough assessment of each child, including the use of standardized scales, parental interviews, and individual child assessment. This helps to rule out other possible causes for attention and behavioral problems, such as normal childhood reactions to anxiety, depression, or stress.

School Based Counseling

We provide counseling in a school-setting for those who desire this service.

Pain Management

Chronic pain interferes with every area of life, and medications often only help partially. Our pain program incorporates lifestyle management, cognitive training, hypnosis, and other techniques to help manage pain better and restore additional quality of life.

Psychological Testing & Evaluation

Psychological testing and assessment are available for IQ, learning disability, personality, and other issues. Physicians, schools, or the court may recommend these.

Individual, Couple, and Family Counseling

We provide support to those working through issues in their personal relationships.

Christian Counseling Available

For those who desire therapy that includes their Christian beliefs and Biblical principles, all of our clinicians have training and experience that allows them to provide this. This is optional and is only offered upon the request of the individual seeking treatment.

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