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Being in a family is a lot of work! Think of a garden. There are multiple forces at play in each moment: light, water, bugs, soil, nutrient, weeds. If one part goes awry, the whole system can be compromised. However, a small change or improvement to one part can alter the course of the entire system, and lead to big change. When each part is working together, amazing possibilities appear.

A family is a living, breathing, garden that has to be attended to in the same manner as anything else that you would want to operate smoothly. When each part is a person, with a whole range of individual thoughts, feelings, and experiences, it can be hard to get everything aligned.

Family therapy can help with this. Family therapy is an invitation to be more intentional and mindful of the way your family operates together.


  • Your family is suffering from stress, conflict, loss, or grief

  • There is a need to connect more intimately and deeply with family members

  • There is a desire to live more peacefully with each other

  • Your family could benefit from improved communication, expression, and listening

  • Your family needs help navigating life’s transitions and/or circumstances that are creating a strain

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