My name is Ryan Dunn and I am the Clinical Director of New Life Counseling.  I wanted to take a moment to address our response to the Coronavirus and to help you to understand the steps we have put into place to help you during these challenging next few weeks. Our plan at this time is to be flexible, stay informed and operate normally. Sessions with your counselor will proceed as scheduled with a few minor adjustments as noted below.


We will closely monitor and follow the guidelines of the CDC and Ohio Dept. of Health and local agencies.  We are committed to taking a common-sense approach and being a voice of calmness and reason within our community.  We will take all preventive measures we can and follow recommended protocols. We will sanitize our common areas at a minimum of twice a day and encourage, as well as teach, good hygiene practices, sanitation and prevention practices to those who would like some guidance.  Our role in the lives of our clients is vital to their health, in addition to their mental health and their recovery, during this time of insecurity and anxiety.  


We are asking that if you have an appointment scheduled that you come by yourself, rather than bringing others with you to wait in our waiting room. If another person is directly involved in a session with you, they may attend.  We are asking that parents coming to sessions for themselves to leave children at home with proper childcare to minimize exposure to others.  If you are a parent bringing a child for a session, we ask that you leave any siblings at home with proper childcare. 


We are requesting that anyone who appears to be ill with any type of respiratory illness to stay home, so as to not affect others who have scheduled sessions at New Life. If you are ill and need to cancel an appointment, please call our office at 330.343.6600 to cancel your appointment.  Please call as soon as possible, but during this time even short-notice cancels due to respiratory illness will not incur a fee.  You may call the office 24 hours a day and leave a voicemail message for our office staff. If you do cancel an appointment due to a respiratory illness, we will work together to make sure that your next appointment is at least 14 days out in order to give you time to fully recover.   If the clinician you see becomes ill and needs to cancel their schedule, we will contact you as quickly as possible.  


To help reduce the spread of germs, our common areas have been cleared of any items that might be used by multiple persons throughout the day.  This includes the removal of all magazines, pens, mood surveys, brochures, and toys. Unfortunately, we have also temporarily suspended our distribution of beverages and candy for our clients.  Please feel free to bring your own beverage to your appointment. Those items will return once the current situation is resolved. 


We may adjust our hours, depending on the health of our staff and clients, but our goal is to be here to support, educate and comfort during these potentially tense times.  We intend to help our clients focus on the things they can control to feel empowered and live their lives well despite the constant barrage of information that can create paralyzing fear and isolation.   Our plan is to be careful, but compassionate. We hope to provide balance, and a sense of safety, normalcy, and stability. Let’s work together to make your appointments here as helpful to you and as safe for all of us as possible. 

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