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You will initially receive an email inviting you to connect with Clocktree as a client. Click on the link in that email, and it will take you to a screen where you will open a client account.

Complete the client account screen with your basic information, and then you will be linked with the Clocktree platform.  In your email or in your registration, you will also see the option to be notified of appointments by email or by text. Clocktree works optimally using the Google Chrome browser.  Please make sure you are using Chrome to access

You will receive reminders of your upcoming appointment, and again as your appointment approaches. Just before your appointment, you can log in to the Clocktree platform, and it will automatically prompt both you and your therapist to join the appointment when your appointment time arrives.

You may find that your device prompts you to allow the platform to access your microphone and camera, if so, please accept that. Should you have difficulty with this, please check the FAQs on the website for help.

Should you experience electronic difficulty with the platform during the session, as a fallback your therapist may call you on the phone to conclude the session as a phone session.

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